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Lyons Andelle, area of authenticity and craft

At the heart of the Norman Vexin, Lyons Andelle area offers numerous possibilities to discover the area.

 Farm products, and arts and crafts


The only way to discover the products from the area is to go for a ride on the hilly roads of the Pays de Lyons. The quality of these products is absolutely amazing and you can buy them directly from the many producers of Normandy. It can be apple-based products such as cider and apple juice, but also dairy products, meat, jams… All these products contributed to the renown of Normandy.


Some of our producers had the idea to unite in order to open shops where they deliver their fresh products on a daily basis


Do not hesitate to have a look in their shops!


But the Pays de Lyons also has another wealth… Many artists came to Lyons throughout the centuries (such as Maurice Ravel, Claude Money, Camille Pissarro…) and that’s naturally that many came to live here, to get the inspiration from the amazing forest that surrounds the village. Artists will show you their universe and and their skills. You can meet them in their studios, shops, or even their galleries.