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Lyons Andelle is one of the closest destinations to Paris for a great escape in Norman countryside


Lyons Andelle region is situated less than 100 kilometers from Paris and stands at the heart of the Norman Vexin, in department Eure. The village of Lyons-la-Forêt is nestled in the middle of the national forest of Lyons, known to be one of the most beautiful beech tree forests of Europe.

In its Eastern part, the 11 000 hectares of the forest of Lyons, largest beech forest in France, form a green rampart behind which nestles one of the icons of the Norman charm. Lyons-la-Forêt, classified among the Most Beautiful Villages of France © for its remarkable architecture of the 17th and 18th centuries, with typical half-timbered houses, is a haven of peace where dukes of Normandy, kings of France, then contemporary artists stayed.


The pays de Lyons is the quintessence of Upper Normandy
Edouard LAUNET – Libération

Further west, the river Andelle forms a valley with steep slopes before joining the Seine in the loop of Poses. Throughout history, the banks of this river famous for its trouts  welcomed abbeys, mills and impressive manufactures.

Lyons Andelle is a territory where culture and nature are inseparable, as the elements, water, wood, plant and are ubiquitous.


Throughout the history, Lyons Andelle has become a renowned holiday resort, with the village of Lyons-la-Forêt as a must-see. Its wide offer of outdoor leisure and cultural visits is definitely its major asset. Abbeys, castles, museums, parks and art galleries can be visited between two outdoor activities.



Amateurs of hiking, horse riding and cycling will enjoy the hundreds of kilometers of paths offered in and around the forest. You can also visit the region with your car or your motorcycle: Lyons Andelle is well known for vintage car road trips.
Far from mass tourism, you will enjoy  this destination in the countryside of Normandy for its lifestyle, its taste for beautiful and good products shared in simplicity, its combination of ancestral know-how with modernity, a certain idea of luxury which is never ostentatious: the quality of Lyons Andelle’s environment is a luxury in itself.