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Relax, immerse yourself in the biggest beech-tree of France and discover it at your own pace

Come to Lyons’ forest for a total immersion in nature, sheltered by the impressive “cathedral-like” beech tree forest. You can discover the paths on foot, on mountain bike . You can also rent an ebikehorseback thanks to our equestrian centres.

Your outing can be sportive, bucolic or educational; You can choose the right pace for you.

You will find maps of marked paths at the tourist information centre. You can also download them here.


Club du Val Saint Pierre
Vue de l'arboretum des Bordins
Walking in the forest
Saint-Catherine fountain
Beech tree forest


Picnic areas are available in the forest for a nature break. They are shown on our maps.

Forest roads also allow you to discover the forest with your car.


Virtual visit of Lyons’ forest

A place where you can discover nature


Lyons’ forest holds some beautiful treasures, such as Mortemer abbey, Sainte-Catherine fountain, and notable trees…

The Arboretum of Lyons allows the awakening of your senses, and all the generations can discover the nature and trees from all around the world with orienteering routes for adults and children. These routes are available at the tourist information centre.

Events and animations are also organised there: Qi Gong sessions, meditation, educational animations about the forest’s jobs…


Clés de forêt 2 Clés de forêt




The app « Clés de forêt » offers to help you recognise the 29 principal tree types that you can find in French forests.



The biodiversity in the forest of Lyons is incredibly rich, thanks to a variety of animals and plants. More than a hundred of bird species have been seen, such as the protected northern goshawk and the northern harrier.


tryptique faune foret lyons patrice loffroy

This forest also hosts stags, roes and wild boars. The sunrise and the sunset are the best time to observe the animals, especially the deers. Amateurs of photography will enjoy capturing the intimacy that nature sometimes offers. As soon as autumn arrives, hunting lovers will be able to come across a stag-hunting crew (Tuesday and Saturday).

You can also pick mushrooms within a limit of 5 litres.